Integrated Affordable Housing in San Diego’s University Heights

Affordable Housing Opportunities: Eligibility Criteria

San Diego helps to build, rehabilitate, and preserve rental housing to ensure that it is affordable for residents throughout the city. You may qualify for select units at The Nash based on your household size and annual income as listed in the chart below. Please contact the leasing office if you have any questions regarding the application process. See the available units and our requirements below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below for the frequently asked questions about the DB/ integrated affordable housing program at The Nash.

What are DB apartments?

DB units are apartment homes that are part of the Density Bonus program. These homes are part of an initiative to bring integrated affordable housing in San Diego and have income limits.

How do I apply/get approved for a DB unit?

As a community policy, each applicant (DB or not), must submit their proof of income to prove their household gross income is greater than 3x of the base rent of their selected unit. This proof of income is also used to ensure the household is within the income limit of our units.

Are the DB units any different from all of the rest of the units?

No, the DB units are approved by the city of San Diego to be an equal mix of everything we offer at The Nash.

What is an income limit? What does an income limit mean?

The income limit for an affordable housing program is the maximum amount of gross income a household can earn based on a city or county’s Area Median Income (AMI).

Who qualifies for a DB apartment home at The Nash?

To qualify for a home included in the DB program at The Nash, the gross income of the entire household must be less than 50% of the area median income (AMI).

What are the 50% AMI limits for The Nash?

The area median income for San Diego/The Nash is listed below. If you are above the designated household income you do not qualify. 



  • 1 occupant: $48,250
  • 2 occupant: $55,150
    One Bed:
    • 1 occupant: $48,250
    • 2 occupants: $55,150
    • 3 occupants: $62,050
      Two Bed:
      • 1 occupant: $48,250
      • 2 occupants: $55,150
      • 3 occupants: $62,050
      • 4 occupants: $68,900
      • 5 occupants: $74,450

      What if I don't see any DB units available on your website?

      Our DB units are limited and will frequently be fully occupied.